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Insurance Repairs for Garage & Home


Has your garage and home suffered storm or accident damage? Are you looking for a reliable company to repair the damage and comply with your insurance policy? Lally garage can help. Call us and we will be right out to access your damage and help protect your property from further damage. Below are before and after pictures from a recent insurance claim project. Click any picture to see an enlargement.

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Cleveland Ohio area garage that suffered roof and siding damage Garage is destroyed by storm damage from a fallen tree A massive tree came down on the house and garage High winds knocked the tree down damaging the house and garage

High winds knocked over a tree.

Destroying the garage

And damaging the house

The tree was everywhere

The tree is removed from the damaged garage The garage needs to be rebuilt The car is inside the damaged garage The car is trapped under the debris

With the tree removed

you begin to see

the car trapped

under the debris.

Our demolation crew works

carefully to remove the

damages and protect the car

setting the stage for repairs.

The damaged corner of the house is tarped to protect it from the weather Work begins to rebuild the garage New wood going up around the garage The garage repairs are coming along

A blue tarp protects the house

Construction work begins

The garage is coming along

The garage structure look great

Garage repairs from the storm damage are almost complete Lally begins repairs begin on the house The roof repairs look great The damage from the tree cannot be detected

The garage work is almost done

Time to work on the house

The roof look great

The house is repaired

The new garage looks great The insurance repairs are done The house is in great shape

With the repairs complete

The garage and house

look as good as new.

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