What is the condition of your garage?

We all would agree that this winter was one of the more memorable, or not so memorable efforts from Mother Nature that we’ve seen.  Memorable in the sense of the harshness and severity of temperature and not so memorable in the damage it has caused.  How does all of this relate to your existing garage?  The following are a few things you need to concern yourself with in assessing the condition of your garage.

  1. Temperature changes create expansion and contraction of structural components of your garage.  Take a peak from the inside of your garage.  Look up and take note of any “gaps” which may have occured between adjoining wood.  Rafters may have seperated where they are nailed to other wood members.  Look for “gaps” around doors and windows where light may be comming in from outside.  These observations are the telltale sign of either beginning or ongoing issues which will only get worse with time.
  2. Look at your concrete foundation inside the garage as well as perimeter concrete work.  There may have been some heaving or shifting of the concrete which will also affect the structural elements of the garage.  Concrete may also have cracked or existing cracks may have widened or become displaced.
  3. Look at the exterior of your garage.  If your roof appears to be sagging then you will need to assess the structural integrity of your garage.  Again, check for signs of separation between wood members and or caulked joints.  This separation leads to further damage from water and other weather related issues.

Call Lally Garage Builders today and we’ll come to your house to assess the condition of your garage. We can give you an accurate estimate to repair it or replace it. Our estimates are always free of charge and you can have peace of mind in dealing with a reputable garage builder.  Our name says it all “Lally Garage Builders”, we specialize in quality construction and repairs of garages only.

Visit our site to obtain more information on our company and how we can help you maintain your existing garage or build a new one from the ground up.  Thanks for enjoying this post and stop back often for more facts and useful information concerning your garage.

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